The Proscaf Difference

  • 8 is Great. Steel Proscaf’s rosette connection point provides eight sturdy connections on each level (node point) – four at variable and four at fixed angles. This way, you get a greater variance of connecting angles to surround less-conventionally-shaped structures – something that our competitors’ systems cannot do. Forget names like ‘Quik’ or ‘Lok’. SafeSmart really deliver here.
Aluminium Proscaff
Aluminium Proscaff
  • Strength That Surpasses Requirements. Proscaf is tested and compliant to all relevant regional regulations for safety and scaffolding erection. But mere compliance is not enough for us; Proscaf has been proven to exceed minimum requirements for manufacture and performance as laid out by some of the world’s most stringent safety bodies.
  • Easy and Fast to Install. Bolt-free, wedge -locking connections at the rosette reduce the number of tools you need, and make assembly three times as fast as a regular system. Get your scaff up and start working sooner.
Aluminium Proscaff
  • Go Configure. Not everything is a square. Thanks to the 8 connection point rosette, Proscaf allows you to build a system that can snugly surround almost anything, from unusually-shaped architectural designs to other obstacles such as aircraft, trucks, mining equipment and much more.

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  • Top to Tail Quality Checks. Every piece of a Proscaf system is individually run through vigorous QA checks before being released. Raw materials are inspected before manufacture or assembly. And every component is stamped for identification and batch tracking.
  • The Engineers’ Choice.Proscaf is highly-engineered, and extensive documentation is available, so engineers can confidently specify its use for high loads and difficult applications.
  • Store it Tidily. Reuse it Quickly. Steel Proscaf components are supplied in stillages for easy storage and stacking.

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