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For public access, personnel access or anything else, we can design and supply a system of any height or shape from our standard and Proscaf scaffolding products. 20+m spanning capability. Flooring options include timber plank, with anti-slip nosing, marine grade weatherproof carpet, aluminium continuous treads and plywood for economy.

birdcage scaffold
Birdcage Scaffold

For providing a larger platform area and to cover voids and penetrations. High-reach birdcages to safely access atriums, domes or ceilings. Overhead protection with 10KPA ratings achievable, Proscaf componentry allows for a greater configuration flexibility.

Site Access
Site Access

Where temporary access is needed into or out of excavations, batters, pits and up and down hills, SafeSmart’s Proscaf can be built to accommodate any gradient, height or obstacle shape. Even if it’s temporary, increase efficiency and safety on site by providing easy to use access for your workers.

bridges - encapsulated
Bridges Encapsulated

Weatherproof your bridging on the sides and the top, with Monarflex wrap, in clear, white or printed. Or choose timber frame with clear panelling, or polycarbonate panels with aluminium surround frames. For printable surfaces, SafeSmart can provide a big impact space to place branding, contractor or project name and logos.

viaduct access
Viaduct Access

Easy to set up either by onsite assembly or craning of a preassembled system. Quickly move to another pylon or span of a bridge project or the like. Use components from our Proscaf range for ultimate design flexibility. Secure these systems to the ground or to the sides of pylons for access to even the most awkward places.

Façade Access- Freestanding
Façade Access- Freestanding

Where access to external walls and facades is not possible from the inside of a larger building. This freestanding system is secured and balanced by an outward-built structure, complete with stairs to each level. Also features cantilever, spanning and load-bearing capabilities. SafeSmart utilised Proscaf to design any shape system you require.

craneable stairs
Craneable Stairs

Quickly install pre-assembled scaffold stairs, made to any shape of configuration from our Proscaf range. Crane into place to integrate into an existing system or to be secured to any structure. Ideal for large infrastructure projects, aluminium Z stairs available up to 20m high. Relocate these towers in a mater of minutes.

pedestrian ramps
Pedestrian Ramps

Compliant as pedestrian and wheelchair access solution. Proscaf components go together to create any shape, height and gradient required. Non-slip surfaces and child-proof handrails. SafeSmart can assess any site in person and design a system to solve any tricky pedestrian access challenge.

stretcher stairs
Stretcher Stairs

Single-unit aluminium scaffold stairs that are compatible with any steel or aluminium system. Fully-braced treads prevent dipping and buckling. Treads sit over sawtooth side stringer for great stability underfoot. Quickly bolt on handrails, and it’s ready to use. Coarsely-channelled tread grip is excellent for dusty, dirty, wet of frosty conditions. Available in two sizes.

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