Industry Applications for SafeSmart Scaffolding

SafeSmart Scaffolding, of course, supplies products to thousands of satisfied clients in the construction industry. But it isn’t limited to that. Since the 90s, we helped a great variance of industries solve their temporary height access issues through not only our standard scaffolding and premium Proscaf, but also via our in-house design team who create customised portable height access systems from scratch.

And most of these custom jobs are manufactured in our own New Zealand factory, under the watchful eye of quality controllers who understand the regulatory needs of the regions they are being delivered to.

Explore some examples of our industry applications here:


We have supplied solutions to some of the biggest names in construction and development all around the world.

Capital Scaffolding project

Custom Curved Scaffolding Job

Custom Curved Scaffolding Job | Lower Hutt, Wellington New Zealand


Whether it is in civil, military or any other kind of operation, Proscaf has been used as a base range of components to build customised aircraft maintenance platforms and more, via our specialist sister division, SafeSmart Aviation.

Royal Australian Air Force

Custom Curved Scaffolding Job

Custom Aviation Maintenance Platforms | Australia

Resources, Mining, Oil and Gas

Egress over pipelines, maintenance access to specialised machinery and more – SafeSmart Scaffolding has proven time and time again that we are the leaders in specialised scaffolding solutions that bring added efficiency and safety to worksites in resources projects. Our parent company, Safesmart Access, also creates customised work platforms—often integrating Proscaf—for clients who need something that previously never existed.

Private Client

Custom Curved Scaffolding Job

Refinery Infrastructure Access System | USA

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