Who Are SafeSmart Scaffolding?

With many years of experience, our parent company SafeSmart Access has built countless custom solutions for industries such as construction, aviation, infrastructure, oil and gas, and many more. The SafeSmart Scaffolding division solely focuses on the requirements of those needing a reliable and superior supply of the core product at the centre of everything we do: scaffolding. Additional to scaffolding, Safesmart also supplies tools, hardware, safety nets, rubbish chutes, casters and more. We specialise in being a one-stop-shop for professional scaffolders.

We have manufacturing facilities in New Zealand for our more specialised products and branches in Australia, New Zealand, USA, UK and Canada, covering most of most major continents. To find your nearest branch, get in touch with us here.

Look Closer

SafeSmart Scaffolding bring innovation and configuration flexibility to clients all around the world. To accommodate access around and over an endless array of obstacles, SafeSmart supplies Proscaf, our very own system, in aluminium and steel. Proscaf’s rosette connection point allows for a greater amount angles, to help you to better-scale irregularly-shaped structures. And bolt-free assembly makes installation very quick. For an idea of what Proscaf can do, see our Industry Applications page here. To see how the rosette works, watch this great video. For any questions, please contact us at or call your nearest regional branch.