The Proscaf Difference

  • Make that 8.. Proscaf’s rosette provides eight strong connections on each level – four at fixed and four at variable angles, making it more versatile than competitors branded as ‘Quick’ or ‘Lok’.
Aluminium Proscaff
Aluminium Proscaff
  • Superior Strength. Beyond Requirements. Proscaf is tested and compliant to all relevant regional standards for safety and scaffolding installations. But it’s not enough for it to simply comply; Proscaf’s performance and manufacturing techniques exceeds these standards.
  • Easy Installation. x3 As Fast. Connections made at our rosette points are coupler and bolt free, so you can get the system up and usable three times as fast than competitors’ systems.
Aluminium Proscaff
  • Go Configure. Proscaf’s large array of rosette-enabled connection angles accommodate the design of very specialised or customised systems, for use in many industries in addition to construction – aviation, mining, civil infrastructure projects, oil and gas and more.

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  • Quality Checks. On Everything. Every component undergoes rigorous QA checks before being released to our New Zealand despatch centre for distribution. Coupon testing on raw materials—such as our marine grade aluminium—is also carried out prior to manufacture or assembly.
  • Every component is marked and certified, ensuring the customer that they are working with an ISO9001-certified Proscaf product.
  • Engineers Trust It. Proscaf is highly-engineered, and extensive documentation is available, so engineers can confidently rate it for high loads in difficult applications.
  • Store, Reuse, Organise. Components are labelled for ease of identification, storage and quicker installation.

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